The concept of LJB is very clear, we put watercraft and beach lounger together, As per our aim to make a different type of water craft. It is very joyful to drive and travel handy and compact in size just like a travel bag.

Problem Identificacion

  1. Owner requires trolley for carrying watercraft to beach.

  2. Loading and unloading onto the trolley.

  3. Necessary to have garage or big parking place.

  4. They aren't environment friendly.

  5. Expensive, everyone can't afford.

  6. Heavy and big sized

  7. Because of their high speed they cause many injuries and death. 


  1. Affordable.

  2. Comfortable.

  3. Travel handy.

  4. Environment friendly.

  5. Adaptable.

  6. Foldable design.

  7. Electrical, not required man power or oar.

  8. Very joyful.

  9. Safe boating.

Working of LJB

It works on the principle of jet propulsion, in which water enters in the impeller housing from the bottom of the craft and comes in contact with impeller, which force the water at rearwards direction through the nozzle and steering nozzle with high kinetic energy, because of this the boat moves in forward direction according to Newton’s third law of motion. The impeller is connected to the motor through the shaft and the motor is powered by the lithium ion battery.